Authentic Melissa

We are an authorized distributor of Melissa shoes and have been since 2004. All Melissa items sold on this site and via our stockists listed on this site are authentic products sourced directly from Melissa in Brasil. Unfortunately due to Melissa’s popularity, copies and fakes are available both on-line and in the retail sector.
Two types exist:
  • Copies of Melissa's styles but with another label on the shoe. 
  • Fakes of Melissa's styles with the Melissa logo, sales tags and box (in particular the Vivienne Westwood styles).
The copies and fakes are coming out of China. China simply does not have the technology nor the care factor to create pvc shoes to Melissa's high standards. The quality is VASTLY inferior. It is in YOUR best interests to NOT buy the copies or fakes. We receive phone calls, emails and photos from customers who have been tricked into buying a pair of fakes, only to discover after one or two wears that they are fake. Be vary wary of any Melissa's being sold on EBAY! Often they are only 30% cheaper than the real ones and believe us it is better to pay the extra 30% than to waste 70% on the fakes!
How to spot the Fakes?
  • Inspect the shoes carefully to make sure they are perfect in their condition.
  • If buying on-line - do not go by the pictures - as they use the real images from our site or other Melissa authentic sites. 
  • Inspect the sole of the shoe to make sure they show a EUR/BRA/USA and in the newer styles JPN sizing. 
  • Inspect the sole of the shoe to make sure it shows 'MADE IN BRAZIL HECHO EN BRASIL'.
  • Smell the shoe, does it smell sweet (like bubblegum)? 
Look at where you are buying them from. Melissa is extremely careful about where they sell their shoes, in particular the Vivienne Westwod styles (each store that sells the Vivienne Westwood + Melissa styles have to be approved by the Vivienne Westwood team in the UK). If you are buying them from a store that doesn't look like it would meet ours or Vivienne Westwod's standards - then we can pretty much guarantee they will be fake, as we won't sell to this store.
Be vary wary of EBAY (anybody can sell on EBAY). Most of the complaints we have received have come from purchases on EBAY. Look at the price. Refer to our site and other sites to get an idea of the correct RRP. If you have any concerns, contact us, and we will advise you to the best of our knowledge if they are fake.
The above is a guide only. China is updating how they produce their fakes all the time so you may find a fake that has the right markings on the sole.